These Syrian Defence Men also Known as White Helmets Save Many Lives in Syria


In the country of Syria that is located in Western Asia there many people living and they belong to various religious groups like Syrian, Greeks, and Armenians. It is important to note that Sunny Arabs live in huge numbers in this country. There are many communal clashes taking place in Syria killing many innocent lives.

It is really sad and shocking to mention here that in this Syria people’s lives are always in danger because of bomb droppings and this has been the case for nearly six years. It is important to note that presently the death toll is at staggering 450000 and as many as 50000 kids lost their precious lives there.

In this scenario it is amazing that there is also some humanity present there and is spoken highly by many all over the world now. The ‘’White Helmets’’ play crucial role in saving many innocent lives in the country of Syria. These Syrian Civil Defence group are involved in this great act of saving many lives who are caught between the clashes of government, allies etc.

It is sensational these White Helmets have saved as many as 78,529 innocent lives there and in the year 2016 the work of these were recognized with the alternative Nobel prize.

Raed Saleh who is the head of this White Helmets spoke his heart out and said Barrel bombs filled with chlorine are responsible for killing many civilians in Syria and White Helmets play superb role in saving the lives. He also spoke about the neutral nature of his group that is operating in Syria for the sake of many people. Raed Saleh signed off saying ‘’we are from the people and we are for the people’’ and these words are fantastic. Great effort!!

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