These two closeschool friends Mandy Horst and Janene Willener joined together after 30 years and launched Aloha Inspiration and they are amazing

Pic: Monica Lau Photography

Some friendships create great noises in lives and gets spoken highly. Example for that is the friendship between Mandy Horst and Janene Willener. These two school friends parted ways in different direction after their school education met after a long gap of 30 years and have started their ”Aloha Inspiration”and they are spoken highly by many now.

It is important to note that Janene Willener and Mandy Horst combined together and launched ”Aloha Inspiration”and they are now associated spiritually and creatively. It is now said that these two friends started this Aloha Inspiration as they wanted to see people not only live aloha but also be aloha.

It is important to note that the word ‘’Aloha’ in Hawaii language means peace, compassion etc and around the middle of 19th century this Aloha is also used in English to say hello and good bye. Mandy Horst spoke about her relationship with her friend Willener and said their friendship became very close once again in the last two years through many hula classes and Horst also spoke about how they would laugh and talk for hours together.

It is great that they both have all the tools of Aloha such as patience, humility, love etc and it was during their talking to each other Aloha Inspiration was borne. From simple gift cards to fashion products this Aloha Inspiration has drawn many people. It is now said that Aloha Inspiration campaign to inspire the world to share aloha in fashion and spirit was launched recently.
It is now brought out that Aloha Inspiration is requesting its followers plus customers to wear its product so that global awareness for Aloha way of life could be achieved. Amazing friendship!!

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