This 23 year old aeronautical engineer Abhilash Kshatriya speaks about how one has to be ambitious in life to achieve anything big and he sounds superb


People often find excuses for not doing work but Abhilash Kshatriya is not like other 23 year old guy you see in this society and he is different. We are talking about Abhilash Kshatriya of age 23 who is presently doing his masters in aeronautical engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Abhilash is of the opinion that a person has to be ambitious enough to achieve anything big in life and it depends on one self. Giving excuses is not the right way to go in life. He spoke about how he was affected by epilepsy when he was young. It must be noted that Abhilash Kshatriya was inspired by the friend of his dad and he was a pilot.
Abhilash spoke about his health issues and how he had visited doctor and how he got cured.

Inspite of doctor advising him to lead stress free life with regular medication he was highly dedicated and determined to come out on top. Abhilash also spoke about how he forgot his epilepsy issues and went about in his life as if he was a normal man and how he went after his passion of flying and aerospace engineering.

Abhilash Kshatriya thanked his friends who cared him and supported him a lot to achieve many things in his life. He also spoke about flying and how much he liked this flying and he finally concluded that the entire sky was his limit. Awesome Abhilash Kshatriya!!

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