This Amsterdam based Indian born Haritha had an unpleasant married life before but she came out of that and is awesome now in her profession


It is often said marriages are made in heaven. But sometimes married life becomes very bad and marriage becomes hell for some people. One such who had bitter married life experience but who has now come out of it and is leading happy life is Haritha.

It is important to note that Haritha shared her past experiences of her married life on the social networking site Face Book and it had touched the hearts of many people. It is now said that she always wanted to do well as an engineer in her life but entered into the married life due to constant pressure from her parents. Haritha spoke about how she married a man who she didn’t love at all and he was entirely new for her.

Haritha threw light on her in-laws behaviour and how they forced her to give her entire salary to them. It was shocking when she said that her in-laws wanted dowry from her dad. Haritha then shared some cruel nature of her husband who doubted her many times by checking her mobile. It must be noted that her life was going from bad to worse that time. Haritha was working as software engineer with Nike and was not able to concentrate on her professional life. Her many efforts to make her husband understand about real love and care proved useless.

At this point she asked her manager about her work in some other place and was told about the opportunity that was present in Amsterdam. Haritha packed her bags and went there to work and soon found that life in Amsterdam was superb with good friends and well wishers. It is said that Haritha was very certain in her life at this time and wanted divorce from her husband. This Haritha is a woman with courage and determination. Awesome!!

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