This article about musician ‘’OhGooch’’ or Owethu Okuhle Myta from CapeTown in South Africa is inspirational


The musician named ‘’OhGooch’ or Owethu Okuhle Myta belongs to Cape Town in South Africa and he is regarded highly by now for his sensational talent in music. Great isn’t it!!

It is very interesting that this Owethu Okuhle Myta combines both music as well as science and has been the source of inspiration for many youngsters in Cape Town in South Africa. Life was not great and easy for this humble Owethu and it must be noted that he was brought up by his single mother in Gugulethu Township and he is now regarded highly by many for his great contribution in the field of music.

One great piece of information about him is recently he has endorsed Africa Code week which is very important initiative that is supposed to create software coding interests in many people. It is really superb when he says he has combined both science as well as music to inspire many youngsters from South Africa.

It must be noted that as many as 1500 students were trained by this humble ‘’OhGooch’’ or Owethu Okuhle Myta in the last two years and that is awesome achievement by him. Another surprising news that has come out is in those 1500 students nearly 400 of those did not use a computer before in their lives.

It is now said that the ‘’Digital Hippy’’ experimental sound performed by him has made him very popular. It is awesome that this Owethu Okuhle Myta is a sound engineer plus a singer plus a musician and producer who has caught the attention of many. Terrific Owethu Okuhle Myta!!

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