This Derry born nun sister named Clare Crockett died in an earthquake and her life is now made into a documentary film as she was inspirational to many


A nun sister named Clare Crockett has become the topic of discussion now .This Derry, North Ireland born sister Clare Crockett breathed her last when an earth quake in Ecuador killed her and it is now confirmed that a documentary film would be made on her life.

It is important o note that this 33 year old sister Clare Crockett was addicted to alcohol drinking initially then she entered convent at the age of 18 and helped vulnerable people. She was considered very highly at her funeral. It was in the month of April 2016 this nun sister was teaching local kids violin when an earthquake happened and as a result of which the building in which she was taking class collapsed on her.

It must be noted that this documentary film titled ‘’ All or Nothing: Sister Clare Crockett’’ is now produce for a TV channel run by ’’Home of the Mother’’. It is now brought out that the film makers are taking part very actively and they have gone to this Clare Crockett’s grave to get some idea. It is also said that the filmmakers have taken some interviews from her parents plus friends and local priest named Fr Roland Colhoun and that is spoken by many now.

It is important to note that a website having pictures of this sister Clare Crockett in her life as a nun was set up by the order. It is now said that the films trailer is sensational as it has footage and commentary by Senior Clare herself.
It is great that the producers have chosen Clare Crockett for their film as she was highly inspirational to many. Superb Clare Crockett!!

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