This eight year old Joel with cute smile on his face has been inspiring many others from his power chair and he is sensational


Most of us can do swimming, fishing, crack jokes etc but 8 year old Joel does all these from his power chair and he is marvellous. It is sad to hear that Joel has been affected with cerebral palsy since he was just 9 months old baby. It is now said that he has been with the famous Nationwide Children Hospital since he was born as he had pulmonary hypertension, bilateral pneumothorax plus high WBC count and spent as many as 18 days in NICU.

It must be noted that his family members were taken aback when as a nine month old baby he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he later became a patient of Nationwide Children’s Cerebral play programme and he was given physical, occupational plus speech therapies for six years. It is clear that Joel is having speech therapies bi-weekly and he got g-tube placement at age of four which is now responsible for his living.

It is said that the Comprehensive cerebral palsy programme at the hospital deals with excellence in clinical based care plus improved therapies for kids and adults. It is now said that the main feature of this programme is the families could see many specialists like Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics plus others like nursing, speech, occupational therapies etc.

Joel’s mother Heather expressed her feelings about the hospital and said she was thankful for all the employees for their superb care. Heather also spoke about how the hospital is helping many parents to understand about their kids health condition and further making the parents to handle the situation with grace and with determination. Superb!!

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