This Francy Burns who is RNLI Life boat volunteer reduced his speech after his wedding for the rescue mission and he is amazing


An Ireland based person named Francy Burns has caught the attention of many. Reason for that was Francy Burns was giving his wedding speech after he got married to his lover Helen Mc Farland but he tried to cut his wedding speech for the purpose of lifeboat rescue mission. It is now brought out that this Francy Burns who is RNLI Lifeboat volunteer was giving his wedding speech and at that juncture pagers started to go off around him.

It is shocking that the boat had lost control for three hours and this made the volunteers jump to their feet. It was here his coxswain showed his kind nature towards this newly wedded Francy Burns. It is now clear that Francy Burns also wanted to go into the sea like his fellow volunteers but coxswain asked him to finish his wedding speech as there were enough members to help. The good news is Lough Swilly RNLI performed their operations superbly and in the end brought the vessel into safety and created lots of happiness.

Francy Burns expressed his thoughts and said it was a day of mixed emotions as he was happy because of his marriage and tensed because of the vessels safety. This Francy burns aged 29 spoke about how he married a pretty woman and how he wanted to join his fellow volunteers at the time of crisis. Franc Burns further spoke about how his wife Helen understood and was supportive to him. He even said one day in the future Helen might also join with him. Superb!!

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