This Italy based theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli is highly popular and is inspirational to many of his students


Carlo Rovelli was born in the country of Italy in the year 1956 and is a popular physics teacher who has caught the attention of many. Carlo Rovelli has made great contributions in the field of quantum gravity and is also responsible for loop quantum gravity theory.

It was in 1981 he completed his BS/MS in the subject of Physics at the famous Italy based University of Bolgona which was famous for being the first ever university established in the year 1088. In the year 1986 he got PhD from the University of Padua in Italy.

Sydenham School in south-east London is a very popular school and in this school Carlo Rovelli spent time with the students to throw some light on Physics and other related things. It must be noted that his book titled ‘’Seven Brief Lessons in Physics’’ has been sensational and is highly appreciated. It is amazing to hear that more than half million copies of this book were sold in as many as 41 languages all over the world.

Not for nothing this theoretical physicist is known as the world’s most inspirational physics teacher. According to him learning is not that much important but seeing a real person speaking about is superb. He sounded superb when he said teaching was not intellectual thing but was emotional thing.

It is great to note that the teachers and students of this Sydenham School are happy to have this amazing Carlo Rovelli sharing his thoughts with the students. Head of Physics department at Sydenham School Mr Jason Ronson spoke about how exciting it was to have a person like Carlo Rovelli. Superb!!

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