This Powerful and Impactful Film about the Sandy Hook Shooting Gives us an Important Message we all would have missed!


It was an event that shook the world and shattered the dreams of many young lives. Even after four years, the memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is still fresh in the minds all those who lost their dear ones. Adam Lanza shot 20 innocent children by bursting into the school and opening random fire. The video “Evan” reminds us of this event and gives us valuable insights into finding the clues to such abnormal behaviour, which we all tend to ignore.

The film begins with Evan, a student, going through his daily activities in his school. He lands up at the library, totally bored, and expresses himself on the library table by writing “I am Bored”. The next day when he returns to the library, he finds a reply scrawled beside his note. This conversation goes on for a while, pushing Evan to the level of desperation as he is unable meet his “friend”. As the school gets ready to close down for summer holidays, Evan scribbles goodbye on a girl’s book, whose friend then recognizes him as the Bored Guy. Suddenly out of nowhere this gun wielding guy arrives, sending all the students in a frenzy.

The film then shows us while we were engrossed in Evan’s story, another drama was being unfolded in the background. A student in the school was planning the shootout and all the signs for us to see but everyone fails to recognise them. This is a real impactful way of telling people how there are signs of abnormal behaviour we all should look out for, but miss out on them. Maybe a tragedy would be avoided if we all would be aware of our surroundings.

A beautifully created intelligent film that takes us back to the gruesome killings of Sandy Hook and leaves us with a message we should remember all our lives.

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