This society has got lots of child abuse but remains silent and it is high time that there is a effective protective system for the sake of the children

Pic: English News – Dailyhunt

Child abuse is one of the major social issues that is present in this society. This child abuse is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed otherwise it could lead to many issues in kids.

It must be noted that in the 2007 Union Ministry of Women and Child Development released some statistics regarding this child abuse and it shocked many. It is confirmed that 53% of kids were subjected to child abuse in one form or the other. The worst part is more than fifth were subjected to worst forms of sexual torture like exposing themselves before adults or touching private parts of adults etc.

It is also brought out that that physical abusing of kids took place in 3 out of four kids. What was more shocking was 48% children subjected to physical abusing like kicking, slapping etc were between the ages 5 and 12 and 26% were of ages 13, 14 years.

It is important to note that kids were subjected to harsh treatment at schools and this accounted to 65.01% and 53% children who didn’t go to schools were also sexually abused. It is now revealed that in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and others like Delhi and MP boys are sexually exploited than girls.

It is really shocking to note that most kids are at the mercy of their parents who abuse their kids for their benefit. It is now brought out that there are no protests or oppositions against this. Unless an effective protecting system is present this child abuse would continue to create deep wounds on many children. The deaths of kids like Aradhana Samdhariya, Imtiaz Khan shows the urgent need for effective protecting system against child abuse.

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