Three LUMS Students came up with a great initiative to help Pakistan’s Poor

Pic: Dawn

‘Rizq’, the history and thought behind deserves a standing ovation. It all started during a class discussion on disparity, malnutrition and hunger and to fight with the same, university students Huzaifa Ahmed, Musa Amir and Qasim Javed came up with a simple idea: they would feed the underprivileged and malnourished by collecting food that would normally go to waste and delivering it to those who could not afford a meal.

This is how ‘Rizq’ was born. The interesting part of ‘Rizq’ is that despite its founders being bogged down by academic pressures, the group wants to play its part to rid Pakistan “of the nuisances of hunger and malnutrition.”

Initially a Facebook page was created for the initiative and soon the page got two thousand likes and that too overnight and the logo of their Facebook page was designed by Afrah Awan, a graphics designer. Rizq came in business after donating food to a famished family and then here was no looking back. But all this took a lot of effort. In the initial days, the students would get calls during a lecture for food collection, having to go to far-off areas for collection and distribution.

Amir expressed that the whole experience was very dynamic. They would roam the slums of Lahore, witnessing the trials of deprived families and individuals, who would show immense gratitude towards them for their service. The task of picking up, packaging and distributing food was done on a daily basis. Javed claimed that they had to let go of their personal social lives for the cause. This gave them the immense pleasure in helping people. Together, they are fighting against malnutrition and hunger.

The three graduate next year and will look to expand to other provinces. More restaurants will then have the opportunity to feed the poor rather than feeding the bins.

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