U Hasanabba – Hotel Owner from Karnataka (India) who has saved hundreds of lives in about four decades

Pic: Mangalorean.com

It is not always we come across persons who save lives of others in huge numbers. A person named U.Hasanabba who is the owner of a hotel has done magnificantly in saving lives of over 500 people in the last 40 years of his life. In this world when most of us are bothered about our own lives and families this U.Hasanabba has been awesome in helping many persons and he is spoken greatly now by many.

It is important to note that this 66 years old U.Hasanabba is from the state of Karnataka and has saved lives of 500 people above who have met with accidents at the many dangerous curves of Charmadi Ghat . As most of us this Charmadi Ghat is well known tourist place located in the Western Ghats in Karnataka and is visited by many people. Hotel Charmadi run by this U.Hasanabba is very popular there.

It must be noted that in the year 1885 this humble 66 year old U.Hasanabba saved father son duo as their truck met with an accident.He is motivated by the people who thanked him for saving their lives. It must be noted that he refused an offer from BJP government regarding ambulance to help accident victims.

It is known that most people in our society want to become popular and make money this humble man does not want any popularity for his life saving work. He feels happy in doing this work of saving many lives. It is interesting that he is also known as Charmadi Hasanabba and he has now inspired many. Superb!!

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