Veva Maella Ndabashinze- This 12 year old girl of Kamenge in northern Bujumbura in Burundi wants to save many lives and is unbelievable


It is not often we come across kids like Veva Maella Ndabashinze in this world. This 12 year old girl from Kamenge in northern Bujumbura in the next 15 years wants to save many lives as a doctor and is sensational.

According to Veva Maella Ndabashinze her ambition to become a doctor and paediatrician is very high and as a doctor she wants to save lives of many people. She was inspired by women giving birth in their teenage in her neighbourhood place. She wants to prevent premature deaths in the future and that is superb. It must be noted that this young girl Veva Maella is reaching out for help so that she could succeed in her aim and wants the help for all kids and youngsters belonging to Burundi.

It is now revealed that in the country of Burundi girls face many issues such as teen age pregnancies plus child marriage and school dropout etc and it is alarming now. It is really shocking to note that 11 percent of girls between ages 15 to 19 are involved in sex and 7% of the teen age girls have one kid at least. It is also now brought out in the open that between the years 2009 and 2012 there were 4760 cases of pregnancy in school girls and above 7% mothers died during their teen age. It is now said that this Veva wants to find a school that would train her so that her ambition could be achieved by her in the future.

Veva Maella Ndabashinze also wants more schools so that kids could go and learn like her and could be beneficial for their families and their country. Great thought!!

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