Wags4 life – This non profit NGO is doing great work of providing helping hands to animal lovers in creating awareness regarding heart worms and other things

Pic: Facebook

Many people like pets so much and treat them as their own kids and show so much of love on their pets. If something happens to their pets the people feel depressed. The good news is a NGO named ‘’Wags 4 life’’ is doing amazing work of creating awareness about a disease named ‘’ heart worms’’ and other aspects and is awesome.

It must be noted that this organization was started by a person when the person was young and in school. This person had a pet dog named Teddy and this dog had had this ‘’heartworm’’ disease and was given injections to save its life.
This inspired the 18 year old to raise money for the welfare of the pets affected with this health issue.

The superb activities this organization does for the sake of animals are creating awareness about heart worms plus it also gives support to shelter animals medical requirements, pet responsibility etc. It is superb to note that this 18 year person sells his animal artworks to raise funds for the benefit of the animals.

One important piece of information is bill to provide heart worm education on Connecticut Dog license was created and the latest news is Connecticut in USA is the first state to have pet responsibility and it also has awareness on heart worms. This Teddy is now fine and is creating huge happiness on this 18 year old. It is now confirmed that many animals would also be saved like this Teddy and it would be great.Superb effort!!

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